Hungarian Opera Singer of Russian Origin

The Outstanding and Meritorius Artist of the Hungarian Republic

Anatoly Fokanov finished his studies at the Music Academy of Novosibirsk as a singer, a teacher and conductor. 

Thereafter he became a soloist at the Opera in Novosibirsk, followed by similar positions in several large cities in his country, including Saratov, Ufa, Dusambe. In 1991 Anatoly Fokanov won the first prize at the prestigious Sobinov competition.

In Russia, he sang all of the significant operatic baritone roles. He worked with conductors such as I.Zak, A.Katz and K.Kondrasin. After several years acting as guest singer at the Hungarian State Opera he has become a member since 1992. In recent years he appeared as a guest singer in the following countries: France, Egypt, Croatia, Israel, Thailand, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Poland, Italy, England, Cyprus, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, China and also Japan where he performs frequently.

His Awards:

2017. Hungarian Order of Merit, Officers' Cross - Civilian section 


2017. Chamber singer of the Hungarian State Opera House

2012. Székely Mihály - Memory Plaquatte (The Hungarian State Opera House)

2010.  Outstanding Artist of the Hungarian Republic

2006.  Melis György - Award  (The Hungarian State Opera House)

2006. Eternal membership in the Society of the Hungarian Immortal Artists. (TV Award granted on the basis of public votes)

2004. Merited Artist of the Hungarian Republic

"All the roles I have played in opera are a synthesis of my own life, with all its difficulties, experiences, joys and sorrows. I have always drawn from my life’s experiences when forming the characters of the different heroes which I have interpreted. Thus, when on stage, I am able to represent a living character who is no different in his actions than our contemporaries. Perhaps it is for this reason that modern day opera-goers feel close to my interpretations." 

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